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"I promise to bring you the same dedication and energy"

Thank you for everything you have done for the city of Baltimore and the projects that we have worked on together. You have been an amazing advocate for the constituents and the people that you have served. I hope we keep in touch and hope we get a chance to work together again on other things in whatever capacity you end up working!!

Marc Weller, President, Weller Development

Thanks for always leading by example. You have always been someone that I’ve admired within City Hall and I’m wishing you the best in your future endeavors.


Councilwoman Danielle McCray

I have enjoyed working with you for all of those 26 years and look forward to working with you again in whichever role you choose next.

Lisa Harris Jones, Partner, HarrisMalone


Carolyn, it has been both an honor and a pleasure to serve alongside of you. Thank you for everything along the way. 


Councilman Eric Costello, 11th District


Congratulations on a job well done, Carolyn!! It has been an extreme pleasure working with you. I have truly appreciated your guidance, willingness to help, and calm spirit in the midst of some challenging times. Best wishes in this next chapter and I certainly hope our paths cross many more times in the future!


Cheryl Washington, President and CEO, East Baltimore Development, Inc.

Dear Carolyn, Such a loss for Baltimore City! You are a truly selfless and caring public servant. May God bless you and may life provide you with many more opportunities to share your wisdom and generosity of spirit.

Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, 14th District

Congratulations Carolyn. The perpetual Mayor of Baltimore will finally get some well deserved rest and relaxation. Thank you for the many years of great service to our beloved City.


Dean Harrison, Harrison Development

It has been more than a pleasure to work with you.  Thank you for your mentoring and leadership it will not be forgotten.  Godspeed to you and your family always.


Marguerite M. Currin, Fiscal Policy Analyst, Office of Council Services



It has been a pleasure interacting with you in the many capacities that you have had serving the people of Baltimore over the years. You have always been professional and exhibited a “can do” attitude. Good luck and much success in whatever new endeavor you will undertake. Please let me know where you “land” and provide your contact information. Be safe and well!


Theo C. Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer, A&R Development Corp.


Good morning Ms. Carolyn, I hope that you are safe during this time. I am not sure if I have ever met you, but just wanted to wish you the best of health and success. Also, this email is what leadership looks and sounds like.


Linda B Lomax, Office of Councilman John Bullock


I’ve always enjoyed working with you all these years.  I’ll forever be a fan.

Bill Cole

I really enjoyed working with you. It has been great! Please don’t go too far, because you know I need you! 


Frank Boston, Law Offices of Frank Boston


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