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“I want leaders all over the world to use their powers for good to put more kind and impactful leadership into the world”

Biography of Carolyn O. Mozell

Carolyn Mozell served in some of the highest levels of local government leadership for over 25 years in roles such as Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief, Assistant Deputy Mayor and Senior Advisor for the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore. 


As Carolyn grew in leadership, she honed her aptitude to communicate and engage effectively, turned it into a competitive edge, and as a result ascended from executive assistant to executive leader, all without ever asking for a promotion.
Carolyn used her years of leadership experience working with complex teams and chief advisor to business, elected, government and nonprofit leaders to create a signature framework to diagnose, prescribe and deliver data-based strategies to solve leadership communication, stakeholder engagement and workplace culture challenges.


As a result of working with her, business executives develop emotional intelligence skills, have teams that work more collaboratively and employees who thrive and want to stay. Carolyn works with leaders who want to support their team more meaningfully, create a positive business culture and turn effective communication into their competitive edge.

Carolyn attributes a lot of her success to purposefully communicating with employees, co-workers and stakeholders with compassion, integrity and accountability. She founded Leaders Who Connect and Inspire to close the gap she saw between the way leaders intended to communicate, the way they actually communicated and the negative impact it had on turnover, retention, leadership perception, workplace culture and even their career or business, when they got it wrong.

Carolyn is on a mission to put more kind and impactful leadership into the world and can be found coaching, consulting, training and speaking on leadership communication, leadership resilience, emotional intelligence, DISC communication and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Carolyn knows firsthand when leaders build a daily practice of communicating effectively and strive to be a leader people want to follow, they become the transformative difference in their business and profession.

Carolyn is a graduate of the University of Maryland College Park, BA African American Studies, Public Policy Concentration, and is both a certified DISC Behavioral Assessment Practitioner and a certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. She is Vice President of Suited to Succeed and Dress for Success Greater Baltimore, a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and host of the "Use Your Powers for Good with Carolyn Opher Mozell” podcast. She resides in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, Dawyne, and adopted cat, Eva.

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