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Biography of Carolyn O. Mozell

“I want leaders all over the world to use their powers for good to
put more kind and impactful leadership into the world”

Carolyn Mozell is a highly experienced and accomplished leader, known for her expertise in fostering thriving work environments, reducing turnover, and bridging communication gaps. As a mentor to individuals and problem solver for organizations, Carolyn has dedicated her career to leveraging Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as a foundational element in achieving these goals.


Currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer for Project Pneuma, Carolyn brings her wealth of experience to support the organization's operations, infrastructure, and the overall well-being of its members. Through a holistic approach, including social-emotional learning, Project Pneuma nurtures boys in fourth through eighth grade, empowering them for a brighter future.


Carolyn is also the founder of Leaders Who Connect and Inspire LLC, a consulting firm that partners with organizations and government agencies to cultivate thriving in-person, remote, and hybrid workplaces anchored in effective communication and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).


Carolyn's professional journey spans over two decades in local government leadership, where she has held esteemed roles such as Chief of Staff for the City Council President and executive positions within the Mayor's office. Her extensive experience at the highest levels of local government leadership has solidified her reputation as a respected and influential leader.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Carolyn actively contributes to her community. She is Vice President of the Board of Suited to Succeed | Dress for Success Greater Baltimore, a member of the Baltimore National Heritage Association (BNHA) board and contributing author for Careers in Government, a publication for public sector employees. Carolyn's commitment to uplifting others is also reflected in her podcast, "Use Your Powers for Good with Carolyn Opher Mozell," where she engages in insightful conversations on personal and professional growth. 

Carolyn is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park and resides in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband and their adopted cat Eva.

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Emotional Intelligence
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