Biography of Carolyn O. Mozell

Bringing a unique leadership experience to support the unique leadership experiences of my clients

​​Carolyn Mozell served in some of the highest levels of local government leadership for over 25 years advising elected officials and cabinet level leaders. She has served in all three branches of government, such as the:

  • Maryland State House of Delegates

  • Office of the Council President, City of Baltimore

  • Office of the Mayor, City of Baltimore

  • US Congress

Her experiences helped her master the art of listening and communicating for mutual benefit, and she wants to help her clients do the same. She specializes in leadership communication, engagement and building better relationships.


As a result of her executive coaching, her clients have more confident conversations, handle change with ease, and are inspired to bring more kindness into the world with leadership that's compassionate, has integrity, and is accountable.

As a result of her consulting, businesses gain a partner with a fresh eye to consult them through improving business culture and reaping the benefits that come along with it, such as reduced turnover, improved teamwork and more.  Carolyn uses her signature Mozell Method, with behavioral and emotional intelligence strategies, and her years of experience to gain insight into the organization, align the findings with your goals and apply the results with a customized plan that has measurable accountability. And to help you sustain the results, she provides ongoing coaching support.

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