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"Best Career Paths for Each DISC Style"

Any style can be effective in any role; however, some natural behavioral tendencies are more in alignment with a particular position, team, or culture of an organization. While some people can adapt to the needs of the environment or position very effectively, it will likely take energy and effort to do so if it requires something other than their natural behavioral tendencies.

Depending on how far they are shifting their style, the person may need quite a bit of recovery time to recharge their batteries from adapting to a different behavioral expectation. With that in mind, the following is a list of some potential positions that align well with each of the behavioral styles, without having to adapt and adjust energy as frequently or as drastically.

My DISC Style is High "S". I spent over 25 years in a highly charged local political environment. Although I was very successful, I expended a lot of energy as I grew in leadership, which often left me stressed and burned out. However, as I reflect, I tended to lean heavily on my natural tendency to leady by way of teaching (coaching), a natural tendency of the "S" DISC Style.

Dominance – High "D" Style

Higher power positions and career areas where Dominance Styles can take charge:

• President or CEO; i.e., the formally recognized leader

• Politician

• Police officer

• Military officer

• Executive or manager

• Entrepreneur

• Owner of company

• General contractor

Influence – High "I" Style

Careers that maximize the Influence Styles' influence with people where they can socialize, mingle, and gain positive feedback:

• Public relations

• Human Resources/Engagement

• Entertainment - acting, singing, reporting, public speaking, being on stage or in the public eye

• Professional host or hostess (talk show, party, restaurant, airline, etc.)

• Recreation director

• Politician

• Salesperson

Steadiness – High "S" Style

Secure positions and careers where the Steadiness Styles can specialize in some areas and be part of a team:

• Financial services

• Social worker

• Family doctor/nurse

• Residential or community services

• Teacher

• Personal assistant/secretary

• Insurance agent

• Librarian

• Customer service representative

Conscientiousness – High "C" Style

Careers in which Conscientiousness Styles can strive for perfection, creativity, and completeness:

• Forecasters (political, weather, etc.)

• Critics (film, history, literary, etc.)

• Engineers

• Research scientists

• Data analysts

• Accountants/auditors

• Artists/sculptors/architects

• Inventors

About DISC

DISC measures your personality and behavioral style. It does not measure intelligence, aptitude, mental health or values. It describes human behavior in various situations, for example how you respond to challenges (Dominance); how you influence others (Influence); your preferred pace, i.e. decisive, need time to process (Steadiness); and how you respond to rules and procedures (Conscientiousness).

The goal of DISC is to help users build and maximize productive relationships. Users don’t need to change their personality traits; they need to recognize what drives and motivates themselves and others and determine the best ways to effectively interact with them.

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What You Can Do Next

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