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According to research, U.S. employers spent approximately $359 billion in paid hours because of workers spending approximately 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict. An organization with just 20 staff could be losing upwards of $52,000 annually on unresolved conflict. (CPP, Inc.)

What if your team could handle
disagreements more successfully?

Image by Elisa Ventur

Would it give you more time?

Would it increase team productivity?

Would it decrease your personal stress?

Would it reduce turnover and absenteeism costs?


Leadership Development Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

And best of'll start seeing results in as little as 4-weeks,
with a very small time commitment

From Conflict to Collaboration
4 Strategies to Equip Teams to Handle Disagreements
with Greater Emotional Intelligence

Starts October 3rd

Working at Outdoor Cafe

This 4-part training delivered straight to your e-mail is for mid and senior level business professionals who lead a business, team or project and want to:

  • Reduce time spent addressing team conflicts

  • Increase the capacity of teams to handle disagreements better and collaborate more successfully

  • Reduce the stress of leading and managing people

Here's What You'll Get


4 training videos + suggested reading

Time commitment

30 min or less per week



Masterclasses delivered

to your inbox

Time commitment

30 min or less per week



Optional live office hours

Time commitment

60 min or less per week

Fun Team Challenges 

Team challenges for collaboration

Time commitment

at your discretion


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After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify areas of conflict on your team and solve it quickly, efficiently and with less stress

  • Increase your team's productivity and lessen uncomfortable and awkward interactions that lead to call-outs and "quiet quitting"

  • Have more time in your day because you're not dealing with the drama of false misunderstandings and assumptions

  • Reduce your personal stress because people aren't coming to you to resolve every conflict


Meet Carolyn Mozell

Former Chief of Staff uses 20+ years of leadership experience to help teams achieve greater Emotional Intelligence


Putting more kind and impactful leaders into the world is my passion. The feeling I get when leaders I've mentored pay it forward, is my drive. 


For 20+ years, I served in some of the highest levels of local government leadership in roles like Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief, Assistant Deputy Mayor, and Senior Director.


In these roles, I advised mayors, city council presidents, city agency heads, local and national businesses and community leaders how to close the gap between the way they intended to communicate and the way they actually communicated, so they could lead with greater Emotional Intelligence to minimize the negative effects to turnover, retention, leadership perception, workplace culture and team productivity, when they got it wrong.


Now, I use my expertise and practitioner certifications in Emotional Intelligence and DISC to consult, coach and train other leaders to do the same.


No matter what level in the organization, you interacted well with others and exhibited the ability to empathize with our clients, staff and board which allowed our organization to begin implementing win-win changes. Your work will be incorporated into future strategic plans.

Nonprofit Leader

Thank you for your mentoring and leadership. It will not be forgotten.

Local Government Leader

Your program really helped me implement an effective leadership style and gave me ways to make better decisions.


Business Leader, From Burnout to Balance Program

I'm ready. Sign me up!


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Still have a few questions? Email me HERE



MY GUARANTEE: I'm so confident you will love this course, that if you don't, just let me know why, and I will refund you within the first week. 

Sign me up!
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