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Let 2022 be the year you increase your impact, influence, and income. Gain the information, training, and understanding you need to increase leadership effectiveness and inspire a team that works collaboratively towards a common goal!


(space is limited, billed  annually)

This is where busy, overwhelmed leaders gain a private, confidential, nonjudgmental space to get help navigating their most pressing leadership issues.​​​ You'll get a complimentary DISC Assessment,  debrief of the assessment, and 30 minutes of laser-focused coaching 12 times per year.  Also, you'll get complimentary or deeply discounted access to special programs and events.




This assessment measures and provides insight into four primary behavioral tendencies and emotions, and explores how these come together in a personal blend of style to create our DISC style. 

DISC profiles provides the self-knowledge you need to help improve communication and cooperation in your workplace, boost the performance of teams, and improve the effectiveness of leaders and managers.

Debrief not included

$49.00 ea

(Reg. Price $75.00 ea)


The EIQ-2 assessment is a measure of your understanding of how your behavior affects those around you. There is often a disconnect between how we think others perceive us and the reality of how our actions are perceived. Take the assessment to learn what you need to know to strengthen your emotional intelligence and become a more effective leader. Debrief not included.

$49.00 ea

(Reg. Price $75.00 ea)