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About DISC


It’s not a secret: people prefer to interact with people they like. The ability to create rapport is a fundamental skill in sales, management, executive-level leadership and everyday life. The goal of DISC is to help users first build, then maximize productive relationships. You do not have to change your personality; you simply need to recognize what drives other people and understand your options for effectively dealing with them.

Our DISC reports are as much prescriptive as they are descriptive. In other words, our DISC reports are unique because they teach users specific skills to improve their own interpersonal interactions. While our reports do go into considerable detail describing users’ natural DISC behavioral style, we believe this is really just the first step. Our reports empower users with specific recommendations unique to their profile. When utilized, these skills have the ability to enact powerful and demonstrable returns. To see significant professional and interpersonal benefit, we believe it’s important that our DISC users come away with fast, effective learning strategies that demonstrate immediate results.


Questionnaire available in all languages. The report is available in English, UK English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Turkish and more to come (Swedish and Finnish are currently being translated).

Ways to Use DISC

DISC Assessment Applications:

    • Benchmarking & Comparison - Empower business owners, managers and HR professionals with the ability to compare new applicants to desirable job-performance benchmarks. Click here to read more!

    • Career Management -  By combining DISC’s behavioral analysis with the Federal Government’s comprehensive O*Net Job Codes, the DISC Career Management report matches each individual’s behavioral style with specific occupations necessitating the same traits.  Click here to read more!

    • Change Management - Learn behaviors for transforming resistance into receptivity.

    • Coaching - Discover how to help others consistantly achieve their potential.

    • Conflict Resolution - Bring clarity and understanding to otherwise disparate behavioral styles. 

    • Customer Service - Teach administrative and customer support teams how to dependably provide stellar service and interaction regardless of behavioral style. 

    • Hiring & Selection - The right person in the right job is priceless.  The wrong person is an expensive nightmare waiting to happen.  DISC provides the cornerstone for many of our hiring and selection assessments.  Click here to read more!

    • Leadership Programs - Empower your organization's managers with the ability to get the most out of their teams.

    • Management Skills - Teach an organization's management the methods for dependably and genuinely motivating their staff.

    • Mentoring - Discover how to exponentially propel your fast trackers.

    • Sales Training - Drive revenue by teaching even the most novice or experienced sales professionals the keys to identifying and harnessing identifiable behaviors in their prospects. 

    • Teambuilding - Know who fits with whom in advance. Create your teams based on compatible skills and traits, not just generic ideas of balance.

    • Productive Meetings - Plan meetings with differing behavioral styles in mind to ensure best outcomes.

    • Career Matching - Match employees’ natural strengths with job responsibilities that best optimize their inherent value to the company. Click here to read more!

DISC Virtual Training

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