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Oh Shift-4 Ways to Shift How Leaders Respond With Greater EQ - Free Workshop - for website

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

12:00pm EST | Zoom

For mid and senior level leaders & business owners

This workshop is free. Registration is required.

Having greater Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is no longer just a catch phrase, It's become an important skill. The time is more important now than ever for leaders to feel better equipped to have more successful communication, interactions, and collaborations to navigate some of the biggest challenges that organizations are facing right now, including the hiring "frenzy" (onboarding a significant number of new employees), returning teams back to the office, diversity, equity and inclusion, burnout and dealing with the hybrid work environment. 

Get your questions answered and a worksheet to help you integrate EQ into your daily leading. After this workshop, you'll be able to:

  • Describe the four pillars of EQ and their key elements

  • Describe what it means to be emotionally intelligent

  • Explain how emotionally intelligent behaviors lead to more successful interactions, communication and collaboration

  • Describe the shifts needed to respond with greater EQ

  • Apply what you've learned in "real life"

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