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Leadership Workshops

How to Build High Performing Teams

Whether you're leading a team, a project or a community, the impact of your leadership will leave a lasting impression. 

Tues., Oct. ___, 2021

How to make the right hire, the first time

When a new hire doesn't work out, it can be expensive. Learn what you can do to make the right hire, the first time and save money and time.

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How to use Emotional Intelligence to grow the business and career you want

People who lead with compassion, integrity and accountability will be UNFORGETTABLE and the difference makers.

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How to coach like a leader

How to become a better communicator and leader in a remote work environment

As we continue to navigate the uncertainties of the pandemic, every aspect of our business and personal lives continues to be affected. It’s more important now than ever for leaders to communicate clearly, decisively and with empathy.

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Learn ways to strengthen your team and  leadership bench

Coaching in the workplace has many benefits. It helps empower employees to come up with solutions and implement their ideas, increases accountability, productivity, and improves communication. 

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Carolyn Opher Mozell
Leadership Consultant, Coach & Speaker

Having served in some of the highest levels of local government leadership for over 25 years, Carolyn knows first-hand the challenges, business and moral responsibility that come with developing yourself as a leader and your team to effectively serve your customer. She now uses her years of experience, tools and tactical takeaways to help people who lead businesses, teams, projects, or communities to gain the communication and engagement skills needed to become a leader people WANT to follow.

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