Inspire communication that creates mutual trust through culture and relationships

Improve Workplace Culture

Studies show that leaders who make an effort to create a positive workplace culture improve engagement and business results like productivity and profitability. For example, Gallup reports that engaged employees work improves by 17% compared to disengaged employees. Getting this right is important. Your employees drive value to your customers.


How I can help


As a result of my consulting services, businesses gain a partner with a fresh eye to consult them through actionable steps to improve workplace culture. Results are rooted in data and coaching is provided to help sustain the results. Once we've partnered to clearly identify your goals, I get right to work so you can reap the benefits of everything that comes with improving workplace culture, such as:

  • Reduced turnover, improved retention

  • Attracting the right talent

  • Improved teamwork

  • Improved leadership effectiveness

  • Improved customer service

  • Improved employee engagement

Why should you choose me to achieve your workplace culture goals?

  • I have extensive experience advising senior leaders in organizational effectiveness

  • I have extensive experience implementing performance management systems

  • I have extensive experience managing employees through change

Build Better Business Relationships

Project delays and disconnected communication are some of the problems that can hinder internal projects, such as with real estate developers. The difference in whether you get stuck or move forward ultimately comes down to the relationships you've created and nurtured. The productivity is crucial - and trust is often a major factor.


How I can help


As a result of my consulting services, property developers minimize project delays caused by bureaucratic "red tape" and disconnected communication in the communities where they work. Why? Because I help them build better working relationships. I know who to call and who can help move your project forward.


I'll help you:

  • Resolve bureaucratic obstacles 

  • Identify government constraints attached to a property

  • Facilitate relationships with the community and local government to align goals, priorities and timelines

  • Build/nurture community involvement​

Why should you choose me to achieve your project goals?

  • I have strong, lengthy relationships with local and state government leaders

  • I have strong ties to local communities

  • I have detailed knowledge of state and local procurement and approval processes