Leaders Who Connect and Inspire LLC is a management consulting and professional development firm that helps commercial and nonprofit companies with a conscience manage and advance key projects through a lens of diversity, equity, inclusion, leadership accountability and emotional intelligence. 

Professional Development
We partner with organizations to navigate today's most pressing leadership and team challenges through coaching, consulting and training programs.

Management Consulting
We partner with organizations to advance projects that require thoughtful and intentional coordination of cross-functional departments to achieve results.

Provide interactive, engaging speaking experiences to inspire, motivate and transform through keynotes, facilitation and moderating; executive collaborations and staff retreats (speaking and planning)

Why Choose Us?
Our unique leadership experiences and inclusive approach to project management and professional development equip organization leaders with a partner to help them innovate, collaborate and achieve goals more successfully. How can we help you?


Carolyn Opher Mozell,
Founder and Consultant