Leaders Who Connect and Inspire LLC is a professional development and business consulting firm with a mission to equip business owners and organization leaders to communicate, engage and collaborate more successfully through a lens of emotional intelligence.

Professional Development
Partner with individual and organizational leaders to navigate today's most pressing leadership challenges more successfully through leadership coaching, consulting and training. The difference: Carolyn has held roles such as Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief, Assistant Deputy Mayor and Senior Advisor. She's achieved a staff retention rate of over 90%. She knows what teams need to feel connected to the mission and how to turn it into a win-win-win...for employees, employers and customers.

Business Consulting
Connect purpose-driven businesses to community and local government stakeholders to gain support for key projects, be positioned to win contracts and develop key relationships; we 

provide lead sourcing services to help businesses find and strategically nurture prospective customers and help businesses communicate with prospects in a way that prioritizes future interactions. The difference: Carolyn spent over 20+ years on the other side of the table receiving presentations and making the decisions to advance them to the Mayor or City Council President. She knows firsthand what government and community stakeholders need to to make decisions and act. She has an extensive contact list of businesses, government and community leaders who respect and trust her to connect them with quality people and solutions.

Provide interactive, engaging speaking experiences to inspire, motivate and transform through keynotes, facilitation and moderating, Lunch, Lead and Learn sessions and staff retreats. Topics range from leadership development to 10 point plans for getting a meeting with government officials, effectively communicating with the government, doing business with the government and more.  

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Carolyn Opher Mozell, Founder
Leadership and Engagement Consultant