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Our Mission:


At Leaders Who Connect and Inspire LLC, we empower happy, cohesive, and aligned leadership teams to excel at working better together to get things done.

Our Approach:

We marry our experience and expertise with emotional intelligence to enable individuals to understand their unique roles in driving team success. Thriving teams that get things done, pave the way for organizational success.


Why Strong Teams Matter Now:


We spend over 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime, emphasizing the critical need for effective collaboration, decision-making, and alignment, particularly during challenging times. A resilient, well-aligned leadership team is uniquely positioned for success.

Why Choose Us:


We meet team members where they are, empowering them to unlock their full potential and inspire greatness in themselves and others. We specialize in nurturing individuals that form high-performing teams, enabling them to drive collective success.

Let's Connect:


If you're a leader seeking tools for better alignment and collaboration within your team, let's have a conversation. Click the link below to schedule a connection call.

Carolyn Mozell Headshot_2024.JPG

Carolyn Mozell, Founder and

Managing Consultant

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