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Our Mission:


At Leaders Who Connect and Inspire LLC we have a clear mission: to create kind, authentic and effective leaders who connect, inspire, encourage, and bring out the best in others.

How We Achieve Our Mission:

We marry our experience and expertise with emotional intelligence to develop the skills, confidence and leadership of mid and senior level leaders. We work with individual clients, as well as teams, to help them develop their authentic leadership voice, gain recognition, promotion and influence through coaching, training and consulting. Mission-driven organizations and government agencies who work with us have the added benefit of higher staff retention, improved performance through teamwork, a positive workplace culture, and a team that's aligned with their mission to better serve their communities.


Why Strong Teams Matter:

Research shows that we spend over 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime, highlighting the vital need for people to collaborate effectively, especially during challenges. According to a study by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and the Stanford Research Center, 85% of job success comes from well-developed soft and people skills, compared to only 15% from technical skills (hard skills). A thriving, well-aligned leadership influence and team with proficient interpersonal and social skills is not just a "nice to have" but is fundamental for organizational success.


Why Choose Us: Experience-Driven Leadership Development

We leverage unique insights from firsthand experience to elevate your leadership and team. Our founder, Carolyn Mozell, brings expertise from serving in some of the highest leadership roles in local government and nonprofits, She understands the challenges of developing leaders and teams in resource-limited settings, common in mission-driven organizations. For instance, Carolyn achieved a 90% staff retention rate while leading a team through a critical legislative approval for a billion-dollar real estate project, demonstrating that a cohesive and supportive team aligned with serving communities with excellence and integrity, can contribute to successful project outcomes. Our extensive experience enables us to meet our clients where they are, providing personalized and cost-effective solutions to effectively tackle challenges and optimize strengths.

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Carolyn Mozell, Founder and

Managing Consultant

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