Coach Carolyn

Executive Leadership Coach

Certified, DISC Practitioner

Certified, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

You demonstrate excellence in your field of expertise and get rewarded with a promotion. Congratulations! You are awesome!

That promotion comes with a few people and you need their help to get things done. Now...not only are you responsible for delivering your own awesome work, you are also responsible for getting your team to do the same. It's at this point you realize your continued awesomeness is not solely dependent upon your level of expertise, but it is also dependent upon how well you lead to get work done through other people. That’s where I can help.

Hello…I'm Carolyn Mozell, I'm passionate about helping people who lead others manage change with compassion, integrity and accountability and improve workplace culture. I provide executive coaching, business consulting, programs and workshops to help you inspire a culture of communication, engagement and teamwork when managing change.

As a former Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff and Assistant Deputy Mayor, I quickly learned climbing the leadership ladder does not come with instructions for training on how to manage people and all of the stuff they and (we) bring to our professional work. Then...add in change, like the pandemic and the sensitivities around social change and your leadership is tested in ways that you never imagined. How you connect with, communicate and inspire people is the "secret sauce" for successfully leading them through change. It will make all the difference.

Research has shown leaders who create space to improve how they connect with and inspire the people they lead improve workplace culture, reduce turnover, attract talent, and increase productivity. The people they lead enjoy coming to work, they encourage quality candidates to join the team, they want to do their best, and they embrace organizational change easier.

Leadership takes Practice

Leadership takes practice and a growth mindset to be successful. Are you a growth minded business owner ready to invest in your people or a growth minded leader ready to invest in yourself? Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call here or email me at


Let's discuss your goals, see if we connect and then take the best next step.



We'll have a brief chat and you can decide if I'm the right coach to help you accomplish your business and leadership growth goals.



Sometimes you just need support, inspiration and guidance in midst of the stress and burnout to get through an important project like the rock star you really are.

60 min

Coaching Comp

3 Sessions



(12 60-Minute Sessions)


Commit to your leadership journey with intention and have the accountability you need to find balance, set clear leadership goals and create a roadmap that improves your effectiveness as a communicator and leader.

90-days $1300



We provide businesses and organizations solutions to cultivate a culture of communication, teamwork and engagement to achieve business goals. Schedule a Discovery Call to discuss your requirements.

60 min

Consulting Comp

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